Welcome Back

Welcome to Camp Agawam, one of the nation’s oldest summer camps.

We believe that camp should be full of fun and adventure, and, at the same time, promote personal growth and character development. We work (often quietly and behind the scenes) to help boys develop their optimum potential and responsibility, leadership skills, and self-esteem.


Our Commitment

One of the most unique aspects of Agawam is our commitment to integrity, community, and respect. In a simple, outdoor environment, your boys will learn to be vulnerable, to take risks, and to value the journey. Through modeling, coaching, and meaningful conversations, Agawam staff support boys to make choices, learn from setbacks, and celebrate triumphs large and small. Agawam instills direction and eternal values, helping young men find their true north, and preparing them with the life tools they will need to build positive lives, families, careers, and communities.

Seven-Week Season

Key to our mission is the deep belief in our full-season program. While many valid reasons may make it difficult for families to commit to 7 weeks, the full summer program at Agawam is critical to our mission. Seven weeks in the woods, away from technology and the everyday stressors of home and school, make it possible for campers to create sustained relationships, build self-confidence, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


Main Idea

The Main Idea takes place at the beginning of the summer, just before the 7-week session begins. Sharing Camp Agawam with local Maine families allows us to meld our mission of youth development with our commitment to community. On the final day of camp, we welcome the families of Main Idea boys to visit Agawam for a barbecue and to get to know our staff and volunteers.

Preparing for Camp

For many families, especially the families of first-time campers, preparing for camp can cause a mix of excitement and trepidation. From logistical to emotional concerns, the weeks leading up to camp can feel overwhelming. We try to make it as seamless as possible. And sometimes it helps to remember that many others feel the same way. It will be easier next year!

Visiting Your Camper

Families of our 7-week campers are encouraged to visit Agawam during the summer. Many boys enjoy showing their summer home to family members. Agawam does not have one specific visiting weekend. Families can visit at any of four mid-summer weekends and spend time touring the campus, meeting our staff and other campers, and seeing our program in action.

Parent Login

CampInTouch is our parent login, providing access to the camper application, health and other forms, and other information that will help prepare your family for a summer at Camp Agawam. In addition to completing and submitting online forms, you find information about visiting camp, make payments, and update contact information. Each family has its own unique login.


If you find it exhausting to keep up with your children’s social media acronyms and slang, our Agawam vocabulary cheat sheet will make you LOL. Use it to decipher your camper’s letters or as a study guide before your visit.

Recommend Agawam

Current families and alumni are our most important ambassadors. You understand better than anyone who will be a good fit for Agawam. If you know of potential Agawam families or staff candidates, please send them our way.