Agawam Council

A Story of Commitment

Founded in 1919, Camp Agawam is one of the nation’s oldest summer camps. Especially unique is Agawam’s status as a non-profit organization. In 1985, after the retirement of owners/directors Dave and Peg Mason, a group of former campers and counselors came together to purchase Agawam, with the goal of ensuring that Agawam would continue to thrive as a summer camp. Under the leadership of its current director, “Chief” Erik Calhoun, and the direction of the Agawam Council Board of Directors, Agawam is thriving in its second century.

Composed of alumni, families, and friends, the Agawam Council helps provide strategic planning and oversight of camp programs and the camper experience.

Mission Statement

Agawam Council is an organization that provides a group living experience for young people through its programs: Camp Agawam and Main Idea at Camp Agawam. The nurturing, safe environment and facilities permit a wide variety of sports and learning activities. The ultimate goal is to promote personal growth, character, development of optimum potential and responsibility, leadership skills, enhancement of self-esteem, and awareness of community, beauty, truth, fortitude, and love for everyone involved with the organization.

Strategic Objectives


Preserve the sense of place that is present on the Agawam campus — by seeking a balance of simplicity and prudent modernization in facilities and equipment, and by engaging the entire Agawam community in embracing responsible environmental management. Preserve the best of the past, as we move into the future.

Financial Sustainability

Utilize good financial practices and planning in achieving a robust and sustainable level of operating performance — by diversifying our sources of funding beyond fully paid tuitions, and by generating increased financial aid and program support from endowments, annual fundraising, planned giving, and grants.

Constituent Relations

Deepen and broaden our ties with all of our constituents — by improving the quality and increasing the frequency and promptness of communications; by reinforcing a strong sense of belonging and connection; and by creating tangible opportunities to engage and to contribute meaningfully as stakeholders in Agawam’s lasting success.


Focus on effective governance and preservation of institutional continuity as Agawam Council continues to evolve — by instilling a unity of purpose among board directors, committee members and staff, with absolute clarity of roles, responsibilities, and expectations and with transparency in every quarter.

Youth Development Programs

Focus on youth development programs true to our mission — by maintaining and continuously improving our strong and vibrant Camp Agawam and the Main Idea programs, and by being opportunistic, incremental and entrepreneurial in considering new program initiatives.

Agawam Council Board 2023-2024


Alexander R. Cobb


Jonathan K. Sprole

Vice-President & Advancement: Fundraising Lead

Sloan J. Baxter

Treasurer & Finance Chair

Joseph M. Noreña

Secretary & Governance

Director Emeriti

Porter D. Caesar, II

Term Directors

William H. Auerswald


Christine L. Barnard

Advancement Chair

Arthur G. Connolly, III

Governance: HR Lead

William N. Degerberg

Finance: Budget Lead

Robert A. Dow


Noah A. Faison

Governance: Young Alumni Lead

Adrienne O. Frame

Finance: Enrollment Lead

Robert L. Fryer

Advancement: Outreach and Events Lead

E. Livingston Haskell

Governance: Risk Management Lead

Robert H. Kurtz

Governance: Audit Lead

Brenton S. Locke

Governance: Standards of Excellence Lead

Meghan G. Lockwood

Governance Chair

David N. Miller

Finance: Plant Lead

H. Barton Riley

Finance: Investments Lead

Christopher T. Rogers

Governance: Nominations Lead

Richard A. Schaberg

Advancement: Stewardship Lead

Lauren S. Tobias

Advancement: Communications Lead

Young Alumni Representatives

James J. Leyden


William W. Nash


David Z. Wilson



The Advancement Committee responsibilities are threefold: fundraising, stewardship and events and outreach. The Fundraising arm works to oversee and support an overall fundraising program to support the philanthropic programs of the organization. The Stewardship arm works to support outreach and engagement with former, current and potential donors. The Outreach and Events arm fosters engagement with Agawam by all constituencies and reinforce Agawam’s brand attributes.

"Sparks" Chrissy Barnard, Advancement Chair

“Bos’n” Frank Anthony
"Dusty" Bob Dow
“Loot” Bob Fryer (Outreach and Events Lead)
“Striker” Jamie Leyden
“Commissioner” Haley Acker McCrave
“Cox’n” Rich Schaberg (Stewardship Lead)
“Major” Ben Small
“JJ” Jon Sprole (Fundraising Lead)
Lauren Tobias (Communications Lead)
Karen Wilson

The Finance Committee provides planning and oversight of the financial and investment affairs of the corporation. Duties include preparing budgets, reviewing operating performance, arranging for independent audits and reviews, assuring corporate conformity with state and federal tax laws, overseeing all physical and real property assets, overseeing enrollment strategies and campership program, and planning and oversight of the Council’s investment strategy.

“Slugger” SJ Baxter, Finance Chair

“Bos’n” Tommy Barnard
“Mode” Adam Bechler
“Inspector” Mike Colt
“Mander” Scott Degerberg
“Admiral” Will Degerberg (Budget Lead)
“Sarge” Luke Faust
Adrienne Frame (Enrollment Lead)
“Bos’n” Bob Holland
“Capt” Peter Mason
“General” David Miller (Plant Lead)
“Trapper” Oliver Reid
Bart Riley (Investments Lead)
“Cruiser” Catrina Fryer Webber
"Ranger" David Wilson

The Governance Committee manages the structure, organization, operations, ethics and governance of the Agawam Council. Under the purview of the Governance Committee are nominating and educating members at all levels of service, oversee programs conducted by the Council and monitor compliance with applicable standards, monitor, assess and manage non-financial risk, oversee financial reviews and audits, and oversee human resources as well as the evaluation process of both the Camp Director and the Board.

“Cruiser” Meghan Lockwood, Governance Chair

“Bos’n” Bill Auerswald
“Lt” Chip Connolly (HR Lead)
“Commish” Noah Faison (Young Alumni Lead)
“Coach” Livy Haskell (Risk Management Lead)
“Mander” Bob Kurtz (Audit Lead)
“Major” Brent Locke (Standards of Excellence Lead)
“Swampy” Alex Lowitt
“Bowman” Scott Malm
"Cox'n" Will Nash
“Cujo” Joseph Noreña
“Skipper” Charlotte Phillips
“Major” Chris Rogers (Nominations Lead)
“Capt” John Schmidt
“Admiral” Peter Wilson

Reports and Documentation

Agawam Council is an IRS 501 (c)(3) organization, incorporated as a non-profit in Maine. Our Employer Identification Number is 22-2577250.

We are grateful to the Agawam community for its philanthropic support of our mission and programming.