Visiting Agawam

You've got to see it to believe it!

Whether you are a prospective family, alumni, or have a camper who is attending, we would love for you to visit! We recommend planning your trip over a weekend, as some campers may be out of camp during the week for wilderness trips and intercamp competitions.

When to Visit

Agawam does not have one specific visiting weekend. Camper families may visit on the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth weekend of the season, which allows campers to settle into the Agawam routine. The final weekend before camp closes is not an official visiting weekend, but camper families are welcome to attend a few special end-of-season events including the Final Council Fire/Grand Council on Saturday night and Final Vespers and Final Weekly Awards Ceremony on Sunday morning. Other events that weekend are reserved for campers and staff to spend time alone together before the season comes to a close.

Guidelines for Visiting

Please check in at the camp office when you arrive!

Visitors are welcome to visit on Saturday and Sunday after 9:30 AM so that boys can complete their cabin clean-up responsibilities. If you arrive in the area on Friday, you are welcome to stop by for a quick visit on Friday afternoon between 4:30 PM and 5:15 PM. Campers may leave camp with their parent/guardian for two days during the camp season but must be back in camp by 6:45 PM on Saturday to get ready for Council Fire or 5:30 PM on Sunday for dinner and evening activities.

While You’re Here

We try not to alter the normal routine of Agawam for visiting purposes. Saturday is a typical day, with activities beginning at 9:30 AM. We encourage visitors to spend some time seeing our program in action! Check out our beautiful waterfront, take in a tennis match or a basketball game, or check out the woodshop. Camp Agawam is a place made for kids, so go off in search of your inner child!

If you visit on a Sunday, please join us at 9:30 AM for our Agawam Family Coffee on the deck of Mason Hall, followed by Vespers—a non-religious time for reflection and contemplation led by staff and campers—and our weekly awards ceremony.

Location and Directions

Camp Agawam is located on 165 beautiful acres along the shores of Crescent Lake in Raymond, Maine.

Campus Map