Dear Agawam Community,

As you can imagine, with the recent shooting in Lewiston, last week was a challenging one here in Maine. At this moment, it seems impossible to make sense of a world where something like this can happen. Maine is a community that has always felt immune and separated from the complex events happening all around the world. The state of Maine is like a small town in so many ways – a community where everyone seems to be connected. A community whereby tragic events are deeply felt by all. But it also is one where people come together in mutual support. Much the same as Camp Agawam. I’m grateful to report that as far as we know, our Agawam family was not directly impacted. Still, tragedy like this affects us all.

One of the first things that I did after the suspect was discovered and there was a collective sigh of relief across the state was to visit camp and take a walk. The Agawam campus is so quiet and beautiful in the fall, and it was hard for me to reconcile that peace and beauty with the horrible recent events. I do not have wisdom to share other to say that we are hurting, but we are okay. There is peace and beauty in this world, and it is important that we embrace and appreciate that. I am appreciative of Camp Agawam and the entire Agawam community. Please keep the people of Lewiston in your hearts and know that we will all meet again soon on the shores of Crescent Lake.

In Agawam Spirit……

“Chief” Erik Calhoun