Some more good news from Camp Agawam! “Major” Judy Webel has been nominated for the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame!

This annual award began in 2014 and is sponsored by CampBrain, an organization that creates management software exclusively for the camping industry.  They created this award to highlight the camp administrator’s role in the smooth operation of camps in North America.

Anyone who has been involved with Camp Agawam over the last 16 years knows Major’s positive impact on Agawam. Whether it’s assisting parents with logistical details of getting of getting boys to camp, keeping the office staff and Leadership Team organized or helping campers with a variety of needs—she guides all with a sense of humor, passion and occasional firmness. She keeps us all on track.

While it’s an honor to be nominated for the award, it would be even nicer for her to win the award. And to do that, she must amass more votes than any of the other nominees in one two ways—either total votes or highest average number of votes per camper population. If you’d like, you can vote for her online at this address.  You can even vote once per day through the closing date of April 9, 2021 at