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Arrival Day

Camp Agawam 54 Agawam Road, Raymond, ME, United States

Please review pages 14-17 in your Parent Handbook for more details on arrival day and getting to Camp Agawam. PERSONAL CAR: Please plan to arrive in the afternoon on Wednesday, June 26th, between 3:00 PM and 4:30 PM. Arrivals before or after this time require adjustments to the program. Please contact the Director, “Chief” Erik Calhoun (chief@campagawam.org), if your arrival time at Camp must be before 3:00 pm or after 4:30 PM. We invite all parents to join us in Senior Club Grove at 4:30 PM for a brief meeting with the Director “Chief” Erik Calhoun before you depart from camp. When you arrive at Camp, please travel slowly on our entrance road and within Camp. Staff will meet you at the bottom of the road to check you in and direct you where to park. CHAPERONED BUS: Agawam charters a Coach Bus from a reputable Maine firm. Agawam requires documentation that assures that the company meets regular safety and maintenance checks and that the drivers’ records, licensure, and experience are acceptable. Agawam staff will chaperone our camper group so that the driver can focus solely on the vehicle and driving. Agawam chaperones are given information and training regarding safety […]