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   A Typical Day at Camp

SailingA Typical Day at Camp


Daily Schedule

7:30 Reveille and Morning Dip
Campers rise at the bugle, dress and get ready for breakfast. Boys can enjoy a traditional morning dip in Crescent Lake.

8:00 Flag Raising and Morning Announcements

Many details of the morning program are announced here after we honor our flag.

8:15 Breakfast
Groups of 5-7 campers of various ages, and 2 staff members are assigned to a dining room table for a week. Food is served family style, and campers share in the serving and clean-up responsibilities.

8:45 Cabin Clean-up and Camp Improvement
Campers have beds to make and personal areas to clean, as well as shared common jobs. Cabins are inspected later in the morning in the weekly race for the cleanest cabin.

9:30 Cabin Assigned Activity Period
By assigning a camper and his cabin-mates to most of the camp activities, each boy has some exposure to all that Agawam has to offer.

10:20 Specialty Activity Period
Campers select four favorite activities on which they wish to concentrate over the course of the summer. They are scheduled into activity groups which are age and skill-appropriate.

11:30 General Swim
Optional time to go to the waterfront to cool off, swim laps or play water games. This time can also be used as free time.

12:10 Relaxation
Campers and staff report to their cabin areas to relax and wash up for lunch.

12:30 Lunch

1:20 Rest Hour
Quiet time in the cabins — a great opportunity to read or write letters home or to friends.

2:30 1st Optional Activity Period
3:30 2nd Optional Activity Period
A wide variety of activities, inter-camp games, and special camp events are scheduled in the afternoons. Campers must attend activities, but may choose their afternoon program, allowing the best use of time to achieve personal goals. Optional periods encourage time-management and decision-making skills.

4:30 General Swim

5:45 Dinner

7:00 Evening Activities
There are no formal teaching periods after dinner, and most evenings are free. Many activities occur, such as large group games, supervised boating and fishing, frisbee games, recreational sports leagues, tennis, informal guitar playing and singing, or simply relaxing, reading, or spending time strengthening friendships. One or two evenings a week, there is a large group activity scheduled, including our traditional Saturday night Council Fire.

8:30 Bed Bell
Campers get ready for bed. Cabin members enjoy each others’ company as counselors lead discussions, tell stories or read books.

9:00 Taps
The traditional bugle call, signaling "day is done," and "all is well." Senior campers have later bedtime privileges.