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About Us

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At Camp Agawam, a boy learns to become his best self.

About Us

Mountain Climbing Our 96th season was a great success full of fun, challenge, and growth. We are looking forward to our 97th season in 2016. Founded in 1919, Camp Agawam is one of the nation’s oldest summer camps.

Agawam enrollment is approximately 130 boys from all around the world, ages eight to fifteen years. Campers are encouraged to spend time together, whether in activities, at meals, or just around the campus, which gives Agawam its unique, family-like atmosphere.

While at Camp, you’ll learn new skills, make new friends with other campers and your counselors and gain an appreciation for nature, while participating in activities you choose from the wide variety that are offered.

At Agawam, you’ll participate in all of our activities, but you can also customize your time at camp based on your skills and interests.

Whether you like team sports, water-sports, arts and creative endeavors or individual outdoor activities, you’ll be challenged while enjoying an action-packed summer at Camp Agawam!

We are pleased to have been named one of America’s Best Camps in Richard Kennedy’s book "Choosing The Right Camp."

Camp Agawam is governed by the Agawam Council Board of Directors. Agawam Council is a non-profit corporation formed in 1985 to ensure that Agawam would continue to thrive as a summer camp after the retirement of former Directors and Owners, Dave and Peg Mason. The Agawam Council Board of Directors helps oversee the camping programs we provide, and works with our Camp Director to ensure an outstanding camp experience for our campers.

American Camp Association Accredited